Rock n Roll bred, 4 souls, Saints n Sinners, bring the heat with a spectacular High Energy showcase of talent in the music they stay true to. Gritty, In Your Face Hard Rock reminiscent to the bands who set the stage in a time where music was raw and real! Live and loud, a performance that will always bring it hard n heavy every time!

Brian Bezotte sets the stage with his banshee howl, stirring up the masses with his siren-like melodies that grasp your undivided attention. Only to leave you wanting more. Blackie Bishop, the axe wielding guitar slinger captivates all with his stellar array of riffs n licks, a hypnotising charm of rich tone fueled by a touch of dark melodic hooks. Eddie “Haze” Morris, blasts the bottom edge with an intense groove, capturing the eyes of all. Leaving impressions of a well seasoned Rock n Rolla. Jason Meudt (JBone), the foundation, a battle cry of thunderous proportions. Epic madness and insanity all compiled into one ferocious beat that shakes the ground one stands on!

This foursome, intertwines itself into a Rock deity, Banshees of Baal! Collaborating as One face, One sound…One band of brothers… setting the stage for a new breed of Rock n Roll that makes Stradlin’ Rosie.